Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sun in the clouds. The weather has been nasty all the way from Bakersfield to the Oregon Border. Looks like it going to clear up now. This will be the last picture of the this trip. Will be home tomorrow morning. Thanks for looking at them! There will be a new blog when the SEVROC trip begins next month.......

Northern California foot hills of the Siskiyous, just North of Yreka on I-5, Monday 4/3/06 Thunder storms and spitting snow.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

This is the last picture of the VROC AZ bike week, planned and carried out by Jack Foree. He certainly lives up to and deserves the H-18000 he just received! Another successful and safe (I don't know how:-) get together. He's already thinking about next year, maybe with a whole new date and location. Whenever and wherevere, if I'm able, this is one VROC'er that will be there. Thanks Jack and Barb, ya done it again. And thanks to all the fine people that attended to make it a great weekend. You're all special to me.

Would you believe that now too long ago, this was Arizona's "Teacher of the Year"? And that Karl is a responsible business man? ...I know, it's hard to believe, but these are two of the finest folk you'll ever meet...maybe a little crazy.........

Kurt and Rhonda. Hey RRRRRhonda, you should save the bedroom eyes until later...Oh, I get it..you're not awake yet! :-) They have a 350 mile ride home today on their Harleys. From a very nice Nomad and Drifter, to an Ultra and Road King. Guess that's upward mobility! Good to see ya again. Well, Rhonda anyway...:-)

Ron Lewis is about ready for one of the last rides on his "old" 03 or something 1400 Yamaha crotch rocket. His NEW one will be here soon! A nice guy to ride with. Except, it hard to keep up when you're riding a lowered cruiser that wasn't meant to ride with guys like this! :-)

Karl's vacation is almost over. He'll have to get next to the razor before Monday monring. Back to being a responsible Safeway manager.

Rick, Craig and Tony D. The last breakfast for this "get together". Everyone is getting all sad eyed all ready!

Barbara Foree and Rick Prowler. Rich just picked up his new Nomad last week, he'll turn 1000 miles this morning. We had a good weekend guys! I think Barb is working on her Egg and Oatmeal. Her and Jack will lead the ride to Peyson this morning.

We just met Greg last night. He's in town to have a big bore kit put in his Nomad. She showed up for breakfast, so guess we didn't scare him off. Greg lives in Eureka, California.

Carol is hamming it up on the bike. They were in ahead or behind us all weekend, finally getting together late Saturday night. They said they enjoyed the riding anyway. Too bad we missed them, they are a very fun couple to visit with!

Jim and Carol finally caught up with us late Saturday night. They were in a different Motel 6. Since Jim is the Star pitcher for the Senior softball team where they live in Southern Arizona, they had to leave early this morning. Sorry we missed you guys this weekend!

One of the "Goodie Plates" at Bill and Kathy's party. The brown things are some very sweet and moist brownies. Don't ask me how I know! (honest, I thought they were some kind of fruit)

Teresa is sharing her pretty pink sandals with Barbara.

"The Boys" telling tall tails.

Barb and Ron at Bill and Kathy's Saturday party

Mark and Rick enjoying the VROC Campfire on Saturday night.

This Nomad belongs to Bill and Kathy's son. Nice paint job!

Barb waiting for FOOD. Her small lunch in Globe has worn off.

A 14 ounce Rib Eye from the Outback. Tender and juicy, but with all the snacks and tea before it got there, I could barely get it down.

Mounds and Craig Scott. Craig is sampling a Strawberry Margarita.

I'm not sure what kind of a drink this is, but I saw at least 2 of them headed to the table...I think this is Ron Lewis, if I'm wrong, I'm sorry. The drink looks yummy! Why would you need a meal after a couple of these?

Kathy and Bill. They opened up their absolutely beautiful home to the VROC bunch after dinner on Saturday night. Thanks guys!

This is Greg Robertson. He rode down from Eureka, California. Next week Thunder Mfg. is going to put a 95 inch kit in his 04 Nomad. He plans on a 1000+ mile iron butt on the way home, with the proper documentation and all.

Jim and Gretchen. The "27th Anniversary Weekend" is almost over. We all hope it was a good one guys!

Chelsea and Jim Lohman. They have provided help with the plans and some transportation for this weekend. Chelsea is a World Famous athelete too, when she's not stove up with a sore leg!

This is Roy and Terri, new riders and friends of the Local VROC folks. I think they'll fit right in with this rowdy bunch!

RRRonda and Kurt. They rode their Harleys over from Southern California. AZ bike week wouldn't be the same without this couple!

Mark Brown. That O'Doul's must be working on him! He's getting up early in the morning so he can ride the 850 some miles home, He lives way up North and West of Denver, Colorado. He rides an 05 Nomad with a Harley fairing.

Rick Prowler, my buddy from California. He was one the the crew that went to Mexico for New Years Eve a couple years ago. A good may to be around.

Jackie and Chip Taylor. Chip has been around VROC for a long time. They are locals from Phoenix.

Ron Lewis, thinking about the wonderful food that's on the way!

Karl and his son Stephen. Father is only 6'7" and son is 6'9". Some mighty tall genes in this family!

Mounds and Snickers. She rides her own Vulcan 500. Snickers has a Nomad and a new Mean Streak. This picture was taken at the Outback last night. I had a better one from the ride, but it was very blurry. Sorry John and Diane.

Debbie and Babyface, SWVROC regulars.

RRRRRonda and her Road King. It's a beautiful bike, and she rides it with vigor!

This was my small Taco salad. One of the better ones I've ever eaten!

Barb is being very good. She's just eating a few scraps from Jack's plate. Now, she'll spend the rest of the afternoon being "self righteous" (and probably hungry) :-)

A tiny Queadilla. Kark is showing off his "lite" lunch choice.

Kurt and Jack's meals in Globe. This was some GOOD chow!

They had some wonderful pastry. The pie case was on the other side. I think most people sort of refrained because they know the Outback was in line for dinner.

Just another food stop, this one in Globe. Very good and inexpensive Mexican restaurant.

Karl is one of the more "conservative" riders, but he has just as much fun as anyone, and doesn't waste a lot of adrenalin!

Jack in the lead again. We're running around 80 here. Sort of hard to hold the camera :-)

Lots of high speed sweepers in this area. Some are more than sweepers, you have to be on your toes at the speed these folks ride.

Tony D and Teresa, Mel, or D&D Cycle, and Jim and Gretchan are blasting down the highway. It's a beautiful day!

We ended up with 21 bikes total for the day, I think there was 19 here, and 2 more showed up. A nice group!

Globe. Visiting time at a gas stop.

Rest stop in Surperior, a mining town ini Arizona, on the way to Globe. That's Jim Lohman's new fairing, sure looks nice.

We're on Hwy 60 going East out of Phoenix. Took us 30 minutes to go about 5 miles due to construction.