Friday, March 31, 2006

3 pictures from last night, the rest are of today. This was taken a few minutes after we heard the news that these two guys now have honorary vroc numbers. A huge Honor. We were very pleasantly surprised to hear about this. Because AZ vroc bike week is going on, the timing was perfect~

Zippy and Bill just returned from a 2 week car trip to Washington State. They were tired, but had time to come join us in the Irish Pub!

Some of us met "Doug" for the first time tonight. An Arizona VROC man!

Breakfast at Denny's. Jim and Gretchen Lohman are celebrating their 27th anniversary today! Seems like they could find something better to do than go for a ride with a bunch of VROC'ers. Well, then again, maybe they couldn't! We're very glad they chose to share their special day with us.

The other end of the Breakfast table.

Jack is really an artist and painter! Barb told him she wanted a flag on her tank, and tis is what happened. Beautiful work..

A meeting place NW of Phoenix this morning. We're staging up for the days ride. Next door was a Jack in the Box. Since I'd ordered a senior breakfast, and it was a little skimpy, a couple of tacos was just right to get me throught he morning!

A close up of Biglefti's saddle bag, That's balancing rock in Arches National Park. Also some Kokopeli drawing that he did. The paint job looks better when you can see it than it does in pictures.

Craig Scott and Snickers. Since John (snickers) has a new Meanstreak, he loaned his Nomad to our Canadian visitor. Very generous, John!

That's Barb in front of me. We had to survive some very fast straight roads before we got to the "good stuff". Hwy 97 was a real treat today. My bike is a couple pounds lighter, after scraping metal off the engine guard, the pipes and various other low spots on the bike that wasn't designed to go this fast around corners!

Jack and Tony D. Tony can squeeze more out of that 800 than anyone I know. He's a terrific rider. Probably good thing he doesn't have a faster bike, since he rides to the MAX. The mountains are luring us in!

This is a lady that won't hold you up, on any kind of road! She can keep up with just about anyone, and is faster than most!

Jack painted his Nomad last year. It runs a good as it looks.

Craig, I think you're going the wrong way. Canada is a little farther North!

Jim, Barb, and Jack. Gas stop in Bagdad, AZ. Not much in this town, but it's pretty high in the mountains, and was chilly!

Snicker-doodles Meanstreak. He has it looking very nice. Too bad he couldn't find a red tail light........................

Mark Brown surprised us all by showing up at the BBQ. He decided about 2:30 AM to make the trip, so he was on the road by 3:30, in the snow of Colorado. He live at a 9000 ft. plus elevation! He rode the Nomad he picked up new a year ago tomorrow while here.

Zippy and Bill. They didn't make the ride today, but will join the group tomorrow on the road. Zippy is the one that makes the excellent State Patches some of you have. Bill is a Harley rider, but he's still a good guy! :-)

Gretchen and Craig Scott. Craig is taking a break from the chow line:-)

Mel puts out a lot of good food. this is the first wave of "eager eaters" some haven't arrived yet.

Mel, of D&D Cycles. Mel is the host of the BBQ tonight. Tomorrow, he's taking a day off and will be riding with us. His place is the "accessory shop of choice" for VROC in the Phoenix area.

Chiip Taylor and Jim Lohman. Local "Boys" enjoying the BBQ.

Tony D, Teresa and daughter Noel. A lovely family!

Craig says, "They don't have cupcakes like this at Timmy's!"

I have a picture of Jack in almost this exact place from last year. At least he's consistent with the sausage dogs! He does look a little older :-)

Barb says, "This water is freezing!" At least that's what I think she's saying.

Jack, Barb, Jim, Tony, and Mark Brown. Jack still can open a bottle with is teeth. He's been doing it for 40 odd years, a wonder he still has the same teeth.....well....maybe he doesn't!

Since Barb is on Nutra System food, She brought her apple to the BBQ. Hmmm, wonder what kind of diet pop she's hiding in her coat! :-)

Gretchen and Barb wrapping up the BBQ festivities. Time to go back get ready for the evening, and get the final plans for tomorrows ride.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Utemike, Barb Foree and Chip Taylor. Barb is trying to get someone to kiss her hand, but no takers so far :-)

A few of the group are gathering. I was just over there a few minutes ago, and they have several tables full of happy VROC folks right now. I'll head back to join them as soon as the blog is updated. Most will make it an early evening, we have a long ride planned tomorrow. Starting after breakfast at 8 AM sharp!

Karl and Rick Prowler. Rick just picked up a new Nomad last week. He rode in from California this afternoon. Made it all the way without even getting it dirty!

Lanny and Chelsea. Everyone is having fun at the Irish Pub. The cook broke his leg, so they don't have food tonight. Looks like the group will call out for Pizza....Pizza? in an Irish Pub? That's just not right!

Chelsea, Gretchen, and Jim Lohman, a motorcycling family!

Lanny and Craig Scott. Craig came in from Edmondton, Alberta, Canada today, just so he could eat and drink and play with his VROC friends!

UteMike arrives! Jack and Karl appear glad to see him! Hey Guys, he's here from Utah, not Wyoming!

Plate on a Police bike. We ended up with them escorting us through the City. See the next picture.

Our Police excort to lunch, through down town Phoenix! We were a little lost. Lanny asked directions, and they said to follow them. They were riding abreast, so we jumped in right behind them, riding abreast also. They were going through traffic around 50 mph in 25 - 35 mph zones. We stayed with them until they took us by Lolo's. That was FUN!

Our waitress at Lolo's. She was a funnny lady! Don't know what Lanny is ordering, but it cracked her up!

There are many fun posters inside Lolo's. Pictures of famous black musicians, and old pictures of Phoenix are on most of the walls. There is one sign that says "If you on you way to the airport to catch a plane, you shouldn't wait to eat here". They are close to the Airport, and the service isn't very fast!

Inside Lolo's. Lanny(Biglefti), John,(Snickers) and Tony (Tony D) The food is pretty good, but the menu is limited. A very fun place anyway.

Lolo's is famous for Chicken and Waffles. This is Lanny's plate. The menu lists "sumpsuous" breasts and "delicious" breasts. When we questioned the waitress about the difference, she said they are all the same, it just in the mind! We're not sure which this one was, but Lanny said it was very good.

Tough bikers! Biglefti, Tony D, and Snickers. In front of Lolo's.

Lanny's (Biglefti's) bike. He spent 2 months painting it while he was recovering from a shoulder operation.

Ocotillo cactus, just starting to bloom. Another week or two and these will be bright red on the ends. The desert is full of them this year, it's going to be a beautiful Spring.

Phoenix, and the Valley of the Sun. It's hazy today, and the little camera doesn't have much zoom. We were high above the City, but the picture just doesn't do it justice.

I know, this is getting old. I'm very hung up on Cactus pictures! This isn't the "End of the Trail"

Biglefti at Scorpion~ Gulch! This is a VERY old building, very interesting. May have been a bar or store years ago.

A very interesting structure we stopped at this afternoon. There are lots of rooms, a fireplace, and nice courtyard in back. Note the spike on top of the dome on top. I think it's made from the cactus skeleton (really) This is a very fine place, but we have no idea of what it was. Either a house or a business.

We found this "authentic" Kokopelli inside one of the old buildings. I'm sure it was put there around 5000 years ago! :-)